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Taylor Swift - Private concert with NRJ (Paris, France) More : here

Chutei a barriga dela e ela chorou de emoção. Fiz ela engordar uns 20 quilos e ela continuava linda e deslumbrante. Fiz ela quase morrer de dor e ela deu um grito de alegria quando me viu pela primeira vez. Eu roubei o tempo dela, deixei ela sem dormir várias noites, e a paixão só aumentou. Eu te amo, mãe.

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From ZooBorns.com:

Nashville Zoo Keepers Administer Emergency Mouth To Snout CPR To Save a Baby Tapir

“It was very tense for the first few minutes, but because of our preparation and training, we were able to intervene and rescue the baby,” said Brown. “Mother and calf are now bonding and doing great. The baby loves being scratched and discovering how fast he can run around the barn.”

Photo credits: Amiee Stubbs / Nashville Zoo

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Why can’t my stomach be like this fuxkkkkkkkkk

Oh gawwwd how perfect is it. Sameeee. I hate my body and now I just hate it even more faaaark.

i am so done


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